The Johnny Depp Step is a phrase I coined for that moment when you decide to step, with total confidence, from the sinking ship to the safety of land (or wharf in this case).

The connection with Johnny, or more accurately Captain Jack Sparrow, is bleedin obvious…no?

(the step is at 1:27 freeze it there and read on)

So many times in my career I have made this step.

But it’s the confidence when taking the step that sets it apart; having the confidence to also wait. The timing of the step is crucial.

You need to have exhausted all other possibilities to keep the boat afloat.


Take the step. Like you planned it. Ha !

However, if you make it seem like you planned it, you can give the impression that you are a Genius! People will say how does he/she do it. Man this person is so cool with risk. You may even fool yourself.

You may as well.

The alternate reality is pretty scary.

So without further adieu come join me in The Johnny Depp Step.

A dance through the unknown where if you ain’t living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.

Where mystery’s a fact man.


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