Mystery’s A Fact… Man.

I have written many songs in my life. I have only one that I will claim is any good (quite prolific eh?) It’s titled ‘Hi and Low’ and has as it’s bridge the following…

“Said goodbye to some I loved

Did I love em strong enough

Only they’ll ever know.

We gotta celebrate the act man

Cause Mystery’s a fact man

Hi and Low…”

I’ll upload the mp3 file sometime soon and let you have a listen, anyway the point I am slowly getting to is that change is certain.

As Innovators and Creators we should all embrace the space. Indeed we must inhabit the space. We can not prove an Innovation will work.

We can only sense that we or something needs to change, and no more intensely than now, and we don’t know at which point in the cycle we are at any given time (that’s hindsight’s job)

That’s why I believe Innovation and it’s friends Imagination, creativity and collaboration have to be incorporated into our lives, both public and private.

I stumbled across this quantum physics definition that took my fancy today after reading a post by Create and Innovate on the facebook page (go and like it now) about Uncertainty.

“The Heisenberg uncertainty principle says that the more one knows about where a particle (person;sic) is right now, the less one knows about how fast it is going and the direction that it is going. This also works the other way around: the more one knows about how fast the particle is going and the direction it is going, the less one knows about where it is right now”.

I don’t know what you make of that definition (I would love to hear), It somehow appealed to my sense of mystery that surrounds all of our existence.



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