10 Reasons NOT to die before ya get old…

How good was the closing ceremony segment with the Who  and Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend who turned 68 and 67 respectively this year belting out ‘Hope I die before I get Old” to the youth of the world?

Yep Roger and Pete were pulling ya leg

Here’s 10 Reasons  NOT to die before ya get old:

The most successful and active Entrepreneurs are aged 55 to 64 (according to the Kauffman Foundation)

Here’s Why…

1. They’ve finished with Child Raising.

2. They have Life Experience (True Education).

3.They are still fit physically and mentally.

4. They have less financial strain.

5. They are ‘risk aware’.

6. They are competent at applying knowledge.

7. They know where to source good quality information.

8. Their egos have matured.

9. They have little or no interest in fame.

10.They are confident.

  In the words of another wonderful Who tune…”We won’t get fooled again! No no…”

   And that’s a foldback speaker in his ear…that ain’t no hearing aid!


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