10 more Reasons NOT to die before ya get old…

Following from my last post

Here’s 10 more Reasons  NOT to die before ya get old:

As I mentioned previously …the most successful and active Entrepreneurs are aged 55 to 64 (according to the Kauffman Foundation)

Here’s Why…

11. They usually have longtime partners and confidentes by their side.

12. They have healthy relationships with the Young Turks (often their own offspring) who can show them the modern way forward.

13.They are generally Mentors. And that is the most effective way to learn and re-learn.

14. They have learnt to Network and Collaborate effectively with people they trust.

15. They are on the Corporate Scrapheap where the crazy new managerial thinking counts academic achievements over experience. Motivated?…you bet!

16. They value alignment with true Artisans in their fields.

17. If they are Artists or Musicians, they actually have no Use by Date. (and a healthy disregard for Retirement)

18. They are aware that time is ticking.

19. They are Innovative but appreciate the importance of Commercialising an idea.

20.They have Stories and Facts (and they are not afraid to rely on them).

oh and one more cheeky one…

21. Who’s gonna deal with Recession better?

Someone who’s seen a couple I would suggest.

Oh and by the way…Coco Chanel started a bit later (at age 70!) but that’s for another time.



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