Bring Out the Pom Poms

When is failing not failing?

According to the American Psychological Association;

“Research has clearly demonstrated that having the mindset that you are either smart or not smart has serious negative consequences for learning. Fortunately, one powerful way that you can intervene as a teacher is by being careful about how you give students praise. [In this document, praise refers to constructive feedback given to students by teachers and others on specific academic products. Praise refers only to positive feedback; feedback alone can be either positive or negative.] Offering praise for students’ work and efforts can alter this mindset so that students can begin to view their own intelligence as something that can be developed. This mind-set of developing intelligence will increase students’ ability to “bounce back” in the face of academic setbacks and other difficulties.”

So next time you are training, coaching or teaching someone it may be best to praise the effort, not the result.

Otherwise known as developing a Growth Mindset as opposed to a Fixed Mindset   (but you already knew that)

Then failing is not actually failing.

It’s just a step closer to nailing it !

Bring out the Pom Poms


See what I did there?

Sorry I didn’t really mean to…well…do the Dad Joke thing.

Ah forget it, it stays




And if you can get past the voice, this is priceless. Yours for free.


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