Low Tech, Hi Tech, What the Heck?

Thanks a bunch

I recently received an old fashioned card in our letterbox at work

which I never check unless the postie is filling in for my regular guy and puts the mail in the box rather than calling in, to hand me the mail and have a chat

My regular postie and I have a running dialogue that goes something like this…

Kevin:  ‘Ah…mail…more cheques !’

Postie:  ‘Nah Kev, it looks like more bills.’

Kevin:  ‘Well p*#s off then’

Postie:  ‘Giggles’


Yeah it’s a very Australian B2B relationship I have with my mailman. He’s like my personal business therapist. He’s about the only person who let’s me tell him to p*#s off, every day.

But I digress…

The point of the card was a wonderful thank you from a client that we had recently made a beautiful black jacquard wool jacket with pure silk satin lining and Swarovski crystal buttons.

Now we make these in our upstairs studio, with highly skilled Australian labour, bespoke (made to measure).

My partner Jean is the designer, cutter, patternmaker and chief ‘millimetre curator’ with over 35 years experience in her field. Her chief seamstress has over 25 years experience.

So you do the maths on what these jackets may cost. I for one, will remain discrete about our clients expenditure

(and they are worth every cent. In fact the more they are worn the less they cost).

And yet our client finds the time in her hectic day to write a thoughtful heartfelt thank you card, she’s a small business owner too. (I hope she has a postie like mine)

I was so chuffed at the sentiment in the card that I posted it on our business Facebook page

Katherine Letter


nudge, nudge, wink, wink

The next day I logged on to


in case you missed it the first time

And there is a message from the Facebook team telling me that my last post is tracking much higher than previous posts and would I like to promote it?

FB promote

Now I know that’s just a ploy, but it doesn’t happen unless it has tracked well and got a great response.

It got me thinking how such a Low Tech item, placed in a High Tech environment could cause such a stir.

Was it the hand written nature?

Was it the praise for our product?

Was it a longing for the good ole days when people wrote thank you’s ?

Just this last week I was involved in a panel discussion on the ‘Future of Online Retail’

If you are not online you are in jeopardy of falling behind in the game.

You have to get out and do battle with all the other ‘online retailers’

Well, Yeah but Na…

Somehow I don’t think the online environment generates the type of experience that results in a heart felt thank you card

I may just be a rusty old resistant ludite.

One that understands the value of blogging and social media and story

LowTech, HiTech

What the Heck…I still cherish my card

And I do love my postie.



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