In my little town…a case for Serendipity.

Vote 1In my lil town there’s an election on.

The town, Newcastle Australia, the people Novocastrians. (cute name don’t you think?)

We all vote this weekend.

There is a raging debate on wether we should instal light rail , extract the heavy rail, clear the barrier to our harbour and connect the people to the waterfront.

The FOR case say it will Generate Jobs, Increase Tourism, Generate Prosperity.

The AGAINST case say…well…the opposite…you know the spiel

Ya gotta see this place…it’s pretty cool.





Cut to …Back to the Future.

Got sent this today from my brother. It’s a shot of ‘light rail’ running alongside ‘heavy rail’ in my lil town

circa 1920 (nearly 100 yrs ago)

Scott St


It got me to thinking, this is the newly proposed solution to revitalise our city. Ain’t life intriguing? Also had me thinking why there was a rail line running beside it?

(extended from the nearby suburbs to Newcastle CBD in 1851 amidst huge debate)



The port grew, creating jobs, by selling stuff to people overseas, allowing us to build an asset that could be sold/leased to create revitalisation, while we lament the loss of our jobs to overseas entities, who paid for our products, delivered to the port by a rail line that we didn’t want back in the 1850’s.

Keeping up?
We are a funny lot us Novocastrians.
We are the song that never ends.
My wish is that One Day we will all realise that the only thing that really matters is how we engage with serendipity.

That endless quest for what we think we want, while remaining open to what opportunity is currently presenting itself.

Serendipity engages with hope.

Inertia extinguishes it.


Is that like your little town?

A song that never ends?



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