Can you Draw ?

I was teaching my class of International Students today. Week 2 of a 13 week introductory course around the topic of Information Design.

Many refer to it as Graphic Design, but it’s really the way Information is Designed to communicate to an audience or marketplace or maybe even how to find the toilets at an International Airport?

Which being International they had no doubt already worked out…thanks to Information Design.


So…to the point. I asked ‘Who can Draw’?

One lone student (out of 20) put their hand up.

O.K. this morning you will learn to draw, thanks to this guy.

Ten minutes and 4 sketches later I asked ‘Who can Draw’?

4 students put up their hands.

I was a little confused, as sitting in front of every student was an A3 sheet , a marking pen, and 4 drawings. Each and every student had drawn those 4 drawings…

I approached a student, Koland, from Vietnam and I held up his drawings to the class.

I said ‘Does anyone think Koland can draw?’

The class nodded in agreement.

Behind Koland was the lone student who had earlier raised his hand, Stephen from Singapore.

I turned to Stephen and asked, ‘Do you believe Koland can draw?’

Stephen said…’It’s Unbelievable.’

He knew what he was saying, and I caught his cheeky subtlety.

Stephen was right, to Koland it was unbelievable.

Sometimes we cannot…will not…let go of what we once could not do.

Good luck with that.



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