Meet my friend, Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.01.48 am

So this guy has been changing the world one note at a time.

And with just one name…Eno.

(I’m sure you can do the backward/drawkcab thing and catch the irony)

Some say he is a musician

Or as a journalist from the Guardian recently offered… ‘You’re a sonic postman?’

Well, I guess, but he is a little more than that.

Yes, he has collaborated with some of the most influential cultural architects of my lifetime.

But he is too intrigued in mysteries to be concerned with his own history.

He is also intrigued at where we are at in this point in history

On wealth

“You have 62 people worth the amount the bottom three and a half billion people are worth. Sixty-two people! You could put them all in one bloody bus … then crash it!”

On the world political scene

“Actually, in retrospect, I’ve started to think I’m pleased about Trump and I’m pleased about Brexit because it gives us a kick up the arse and we needed it because we weren’t going to change anything. Just imagine if Hillary Clinton had won and we’d been business as usual, the whole structure she’d inherited, the whole Clinton family myth. I don’t know that’s a future I would particularly want. It just seems that was grinding slowly to a halt, whereas now, with Trump, there’s a chance of a proper crash, and a chance to really rethink.”

On a Fear of Flying

Just write an album to calm you. An kind of audio Mogadon?

“No, not Mogadon. One of the things you can get from music is surrender. From a lot of art, what you’re saying is: ‘Let it happen to me. I’m going to let myself be out of control. I’m going to let something else take over me.’

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.13.29 am

And yes he is a Sonic Postman.

He has sent out too many letters to mention but start here

Did I mention he’s my friend?

He will be yours too.

Oh and that interview…

And Eno’s clarification


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