Fashion, turn to the left, Fashion…right!

Thanks Dave, I know it’s not really what you meant, but Fashion is a dirty word…right!

Exploitation, pollution, anorexic models, a scourge on society.

When I’m not working with my Designer wife Jean Bas.

One of the more enjoyable facets of my existence is teaching.

Or should I say mutual discovery, with my International students as they prepare for their degree courses.

Today we waded into the murky waters of the Fashion industry as we explore what many Politicians and Academics are terming ‘Creative Industries’.

Participants in these industries do not refer to themselves as practitioners in the aforementioned… but perhaps that’s another post?

Fashion can be a cruel world, made crueller by large corporations and careless consumers.

True Cost

(do you know who made your t-shirt and how much they were paid? I don’t.)

Then there is the waste, garments are a massive polluter, non?


Then there’s EDUN 

Started by Ali Hewson (Bono’s wife) in 2005


And this guy should know, he owns quite a lot of fashion houses and bought EDUN off Ali and Bono back in 2009.


There is a way to improve an industry.

As we discovered in class today.

There is always a way.




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