Who’s Kevin?

Kevin Coffey

Co-Owner of Jean Bas Design.

Kevin holds a Post Grad Degree in Innovation, Commercialisation and Intellectual Property.

He has 35 years experience in the Fashion Design industry, commercialising ideas. Kevin collaborates with fashion designers, stylists, photographers, event managers, brand strategists, charities, suppliers, fabric and clothing manufacturers to bring ideas to market.

His main collaboration has been with his Fashion Design partner and wife of 35 years, Jean Bas.

Together they have recently launched a ‘School of Fashion Design and Construction’, where students can complete short courses under the direction of a practicing Fashion Designer…The Jean Bas Masterclass Series.

Kevin harbors a passion for the collaborative process in today’s commercial world where he believes the ‘Share the Risk…Share the Reward’ approach offers the course of least resistance in bringing a product to market.

He is currently developing a Style Collective at 144 Darby St Cooks Hill (the home of the Jean Bas Showroom and Atelier) where collaborants share the space to bring exciting fashion offerings to the lovely ladies of Newcastle and beyond.

Share the Risk…Share the Reward

Kevin serves on the board of  Newcastle Now, a Business Improvement Association, charged with re-invigorating the CBD. And previously The Hunter Founders Forum, a not for profit, organisation bringing Innovators and Investors together.

Throw in some TAFE Media and University Information Design teaching, children, philosophy, cooking and Collaborative Choreography, mix it all up and you have the current Kevin Coffey. Voila !

Happy reading. (oh and discussing, please)


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